What is the BREATHE Technique?

The BREATHE Technique combines visualization, breathing, guided imagery, and meditation to lower heart rate and reduce stress.


Every book, song, poem, and exercise have a beginning. Begin your exercise daily...


This might seem counterintuitive, but relaxation requires concentration and focus...


Visualizing an end or a desired goal is a common practice in sports, business, and academics...


As you read the guided imagery exercises and imagine the sights and sounds of the task at hand...


The BREATHE technique is pleasurable and therapeutic. Imagine how you deserve this...


The BREATHE technique is healing. By practicing this step-wise exercise for just...


Every successful exercise has a formal beginning and ending. When you have successfully...

An Evidence-Based Technique

The BREATHE technique is a highly effective stress reduction exercise that has been proven to lower stress levels in highly stressed populations.
Stress increases sympathetic tone leading to a rise in heart rate. The proposed mechanism for the significant fall in heart rate observed after practicing the BREATHE technique is due to a decrease in sympathetic tone and increase in parasympathetic tone elicited by controlled breathing and guided imagery. Tested through three trials with RN, MD, and First Responders, the evidence based research for the BREATHE is published in Peer Reviewed Journals.

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What is the Breathe Technique




The Breathe Technique is all encompassing, it offers all benefits of
above methods in one, science-based technique.