BREATHE for Kids

Kids are under tremendous pressure to perform at school and when participating in sports which can be stressful. Taking breaks and learning to BREATHE helps kids enjoy the moment and relax when they play and teaches them a powerful skill that can protect their hearts throughout their lives.

–Dr. John Kennedy

Breathe helps to heal and protect your heart, giving you a specific stress-reducing breathing pattern paired with guided imagery exercises that you can do anywhere, at any time.

It’s effective and easy to learn and adaptable to any workplace. Our research has shown for example, how kids use BREATHE to better perform in school, doctors and nurses to reduce stress at work, and firefighters to take the edge off in stressful situations.

Studies show that approximately 50 percent of American children and young people today do not get enough exercise. About 33 percent of them are obese, and many take up smoking at an early age.

Lack of physical activity and poor dietary choices have received extensive medical and media attention as major factors in increasing a global trend toward obesity that some have termed an epidemic. Analysts note a range of contributing causes that include an evolving social landscape and technology-driven changes. As more details emerge on the links between greater social media use and “screen time” among youth and lack of healthy physical activity, public health experts urge schools to set up environments that encourage greater physical activity.

Dr. Kennedy also points out that healthy lifestyle choices begin at home, with parents serving as first examples. He encourages families to make heart-healthy choices a core part of their lives, in order to help children and teens to grow into healthy habits that will benefit them now and in their later years.

With every purchase of a license to BREATHE, a BREATHE for Kids License is donated to a designated local school or educational institution.