BREATHE for Work

I've seen the BREATHE technique transform workplaces. It has delivered positive outcomes for doctors, nurses, teachers, first responders, employees in Fortune 500 companies, students, and elite athletes, each group reporting a significant decrease in stress levels. I recommend that enterprises encourage work breaks incorporating the program, making these sessions a building block of their workplace wellbeing strategy.

–Dr. John Kennedy, MD

Workplace wellbeing has become a focal point for most companies, and the ones that sweep this issue under the rug jeopardize their long-term growth. Today’s corporate environments are high-pressure places, which has made it essential to prioritize stress management and reduction so as to ensure workers’ mental health and wellbeing.

While most companies realize the importance of corporate welfare programs, they often overlook initiatives that are simple and easy to implement and can deliver tremendous benefits with little effort. Something as common as work breaks can prove extremely effective, especially when combined with relaxation exercises.

This mindful-based stress-reduction technique utilizes guided imagery, controlled breathing, and positive self-talk to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which causes heart rate and blood pressure to fall.

One of the greatest advantages of this routine is its flexibility, meaning it can be easily adapted to specific needs. Research has shown that BREATHE is highly effective at reducing stress in high-pressure work environments, helping users focus, concentrate, relax, and perform at the highest level.

BREATHE is effective and easy to learn and adaptable to any workplace.

With every purchase of a license to BREATHE, a BREATHE for Kids License is donated to a designated local school or educational institution.