The BREATHE Method

The B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Technique reminds us to give and receive one of life's greatest gifts by helping us hear, see and feel the present.

–Dr. John M. Kennedy, MD



BREATHE is an acronym where each letter represents one of the seven steps that make up the technique.

The exercise combines guided imagery with conscious controlled breathing and positive self-talk.

Research has shown how the BREATHE technique helps to elicit the relaxation response, opposite the stress response and consistently and effectively lowers stress leading to a fall in heart rate and blood pressure.

The BREATHE template is always the same seven-step sequence that allows the user to progressively relax and focus, though the intention of the exercise may vary.

For example, after choosing an intention for your BREATHE exercise, the step-wise template can be used to help you prepare for a test, complete tasks around the house, achieve an athletic goal, or just take a break and relax.
The examples are limitless, and all will help you focus, concentrate and relax.

BREATHE is effective and easy to learn and adaptable to any workplace. Our research has shown for example, how kids use BREATHE to better perform in school, doctors and nurses to reduce stress at work, and firefighters to take the edge off in stressful situations.

“B.R.E.A.T.H.E. reminds us to give and receive one of life’s greatest gifts by helping us
hear, see and feel the present.”
–John M. Kennedy, MD