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Dr. Kennedy has spent the last several years conducting cardiac research to better understand the harmful effects of stress on the heart. From this research, Dr. Kennedy created the Breathe Technique as a tool to help manage stress in the workplace. This technique is evidence-based, scientifically proven, and published in peer reviewed journals.

This technique is packaged as a collection of 10 videos unique to stressors in the workplace. With purchasing a license for your corporation you receive a unique login that allows your entire organization to access all 10 of the Breathe Technique Videos.

These videos can be used by your organization on their work break, in and out of the office, and while working from home. They’re quick, and easy to access, offering your organization and its employees a way to lower their reaction to stressful situations on the spot. This license allows your organization to offer your employees a way to maintain their physical and mental health in the workplace.

For best results, employees can practice BREATHE exercises during work breaks.

Your License Includes:

  • Full and unlimited access to 10 BREATHE Stress Reduction Videos.
  • Each video features a proven, effective stress reduction technique designed to help employees focus, concentrate, and relax.
  • Employees will have password protected access for one year.
  • The Videos Include:
  • The BREATHE For Work Series:
    • BREATHE for Innovation
    • BREATHE for Teamwork
    • BREATHE for Communication
    • BREATHE for Leadership
    • BREATHE for Your Job Promotion
  • The BREATHE in Your Favorite Place:
    • BREATHE in the Mountains
    • BREATHE in the Desert
    • BREATHE at a Waterfall
    • BREATHE at the Beach
    • BREATHE in a Flower Garden
  • Cost Per License, Per Organization for One-Year Unlimited Access: $5,000
  • Charity Benefits: With every purchase of a license to BREATHE, a BREATHE for Kids License is donated to a designated local school or educational institution of your organization’s choosing. These stress reduction exercises are designed to help kids better cope with performance anxiety at school and when participating in sports.
Level Price  
Level 1 $0.00 now and then $5,000.00 after 1 Year after your 7 day trial. Select

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